Top 10 Unbounce Landing Page Templates

Building and customizing a landing page can be daunting. Powerful landing pages give visitors all the information needed to make a snap decision coupled with a crystal clear call-to-action that leaves no one in doubt as to where to go next.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is essentially a drag and drop landing page builder. It helps you to build landing pages to collect emails, grow your sales, and everything else.

Designing your Unbounce Landing page template may seem like an intimidating task.

That’s where the Unbounce template with strong page-builders comes into play — it makes the process of designing an attractive and professional template simple.

Unbounce is a page-builder platform that allows you to create custom layouts and designs for your template with the help of a drag-and-drop interface. Meaning, you can build Unbounce Landing pages without any coding knowledge.

Unbounce comes with a live editor (so you can see your changes instantly) and these allow you to add text, images, video, icons, maps, testimonials, and more with the click of a button.

There are Unbounce Templates — which provide you with basic features to build, customize, convert with optimizing your design and Unbounce Templates — which provide you with layout and design options focused on a specific landing page or section of yours template.

The best Unbounce landing page templates:

10. Badar – Software & SaaS Unbounce Landing Page Template

9. Mawa – Repair and Installation Services Unbounce Template

8. Yogawa – Yoga Unbounce Landing Page Template

7. Paysilo – Responsive Unbounce Landing Page Template

6. Dentiwa — Dentist & Medical Unbounce Landing Page Template

5. Basit – Multipurpose Unbounce Landing Page Template

4. Estica – Real Estate Unbounce Landing Page Template

3. Foodera – Unbounce Food Landing Page Template

2. Autowa – Car Insurance Unbounce Landing Page Template

1. Protem – Unbounce Product Landing Page Template

So there you have it! Ten stunning, professional unbounce landing page templates that even the toughest audiences are sure to find irresistible.

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