Minify your code with these great minification tools

Websites that are most likely draw visitors attention are the websites that take comparatively less time to load. The idea of minifying code in order to minimize the file size comes to serve this purpose. Alongside increasing the loading speed, code minification has a lot of other advantages. We will now discuss some of the most useful minification tools that come very handy.

What does minification do?

There are a lot of things minification does in order to minimize the file size and augment code functionality. The changes minification makes does not affect code functionality negatively. It does not break any rule of code and browsers can read the code just like the original files. Below
is the list of things minification does.

Makes it more effective in crossing the network between servers and browsers.

Removes whitespace both in HTML code and inline CSS and JavaScript.

Removes comments and non-required semicolons.

Decreases the hex code length.

Joins consecutive var declarations (JavaScript).

Converts arrays to objects where possible (JavaScript).

Optimizes if statements calculate simple constant expressions (JavaScript).

Minification creates new files which you will finally use for your website. It turns your style.css into style.min.css.

Most useful minification tools :

When you look for a tool to minify your code, you have plenty of options to choose from. After going through a quality analysis and user feedback check, we listed some of the most beneficial minification tools for you.

Will Peavy’s HTML Minifier

This is an online tool that assists you to minify HTML along with CSS and JavaScript code. It is created with PHP. If you minify JavaScript code with this tool, make certain you end JS statements with a semicolon and use /* */ syntax for comments after you have minified.


Koala is a GUI application that can be used for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript collection to assist web developers to use them more effectively and make the website quicker. Koala can run on Windows, Linux and Mac equally without any hassle.

Kangax HTML Minifier

Kangax is a very configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-based HTML minifier. It helps you remove comments from styles and scripts, CDATA sections, qualities, quotes, useless qualities, blank qualities and verify input through HTML Lint.

Closure Compiler

The Closure Compiler is a unique tool for making JavaScript download and run quicker. It collects from JavaScript to better JavaScript. It parses your JavaScript, analyzes it, removes dead code, rewrites and minimizes. Closure Compiler also examines syntax, changeable references, types, and warns about general JavaScript pitfalls in the file.


Smaller is a great HTML, CSS, and JavaScript compressor on OS X which has the powers to join many files into one. It shortens your files and makes your website load much quicker. You just have to drop the files or folder, Smaller will effectively take all files under it to minify.

You will find many minification tools but we tried to provide you with a list of the most valuable ones. Some of the tools above work very smoothly with their special language types be it HTML or javaScript. Find the one you require and speed up your website by minimizing file sizes.

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