How to create a coming soon page with WordPress

Everything these days is promoted virtually and even business is mostly all done online through websites. So, from the start of the internet, everyone wants to advertise their business or company or anything for that matter online.

For this reason, people create websites or web pages. Recently people have also started a trend of blogging which is a nice way to talk about whatever it is, whether it is something about traveling or blogging about food and recipes that you want to share.

So to make this happen and actually put them up to come on the search list of any search engine people turn to WordPress. Through WordPress, you can even create a coming up soon page. This is honestly one of the best ways to draw attention to the people while they are scrolling down the search results.

It’s captivating and people are generally curious so, making a coming soon page increases their curiosity level and they’d want to keep coming back to see if the page is finally opened.

There are ways to do this, first thing, of course, is to know exactly what kind of people you are targeting and what you want to blog about or what you want to promote through your blog. Then after you have decided on everything, you turn to WordPress. They are one of the major blogging platforms and they help and cater to creating webpages. They are easy to understand and easy to use.

How To Create Coming Soon Pages

So, the steps to create a coming soon page are very easy to follow. Once you download WordPress, you can install under construction page plugins to create a coming soon page.

They already have multiple coming soon templates which range from plain pages to beautiful templates which have animations and according to your release date or according to what your webpage is you can download the plugin for it. check out the video : Link

The generic one is usually what most people opt for because you can change the font and make it pretty and beautiful. When I mean generic, I do not mean boring and the usual things. They are generic cause they are plain and you can add your own design to it with your logo or make it something unique.

They also have animated templates which are cute and fun but they cannot be used for everything. They need it to be used for specific web pages. One of the templates is a rocket that flies and says coming soon but you wouldn’t want to use it for a food blog would you? But you could probably use it if you’re blogging about airplanes or drones or something related to that.

But using these animated templates also increases the chances of getting those curious minds and intrigued minds hooked on to the webpage till it’s actually up and running.

Combining the free and Pro version there are more than about hundred templates to choose from some which are animated and some that are generic. But these generic ones have a cute nature to them which a nice thing for all age groups of people.

Also, for the most important part, WordPress under construction page plugin has so many templates for all different kinds of blogs, from fitness blogs to food blogs, to nature blogs, blogs for music, for fashion blogging and for people who want to blog their personal things. There are over a hundred templates for each different kind of requirement.

Here are a few examples –

Here is a page which says they are doing some work on the site which basically means the page will be up and running shortly. But also look at the template it’s basically for a fitness studio and using this you can start your blog or a web page for anything related to fitness.

It doesn’t have any animations but the pictures are telling you what the webpage will have on it. For the fitness freaks out there they’d be really interested in something like this. They’d be very curious about what the webpage will hold and it’s very catchy and captivating too.

Here is another example of a fashion design coming soon page. If you’re interested in fashion, you’d know that even though the template doesn’t have much on it, it’s still very beautiful and anyone can use it a fashion designer can use it to promote her business or just blog away whatever you have done latest in the fashion industry.

It can be so intriguing for some people because they’d really want to know when this page is coming up and what’s in store for them.

The above template can be used for a food blog, obviously. But notice how most of the items on the template look like the usual staples at home?

This template could be used to lure in the house chefs or the people who love to try cooking new things at home. It’s also bright and catchy, so everyone would want to read this blog.

So, for anyone out there who wants to start a blog and who want to put it in the topmost list of the search engines the best way is to go through WordPress. Using the plugin and their templates you’d be able to create a coming soon page.

It would be one the of the best and most eye-catching coming soon pages. We cannot ignore the fact that design and user-friendliness of the website are as important as the content of the same.

So, having an eye-catching coming soon page would make any person keep coming back for updates on the webpage.

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