What is the Difference Between a Web Developer and Web Designer?

Many people use the two terms “web design” and “web development” interchangeably, but they really do have two very different meanings.

With that in mind, in today’s post, we’ll go into the differences between those two terms and hopefully clear the confusion once and for all.

What does web designer do ?

Website designers are best referred to as creative experts. They are really responsible for recognizing their clients’ eyesight and making it an aesthetically satisfying design that not only acts to impress guests but a design that also has an enjoyable consumer experience.

Their specialty is based on locating the perfect color combo and careful font alternatives. A few of them research interface functionality and design as well. The tools of the trade include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and other similar programs.

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What Does a Web Developer Do?

A web developer builds the backbone of websites, typically from the ground up, and knows languages specific to the web. HTML, Javascript, Jquery, and CSS are among the tools in their kit. Developers, historically, don’t focus on making something look visually appealing but create websites with clean code and that are technically sound.

Web developers are often thought of as left-brained workers. Skills from technical ability and thinking to logic are an essential part of their repertoires. Web developers may have degrees in a variety of fields such as computer science or programming. Most employers will require a portfolio during the hiring process.

Their skill collections include several development dialects such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and so forth. Also, they are familiar with directories and learn how to use an API.

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Job Availability

With regards to job availability, it appears web developers are usually more in demand. A fascinating infographic by Visua.ly shows web designers having 1,336,300 available careers weighed against a comparatively low volume of 200,870 wide open positions for website designers.


Indeed’s statistics would go to show that in conditions of salary, web designers earn here too, with the median salary being $87,000 for web designers and $66,00 for website designers.

So, What Must I Do?

With regards to website designers and web designers, the simplest way to quickly bear in mind the difference between your two is to think about them in familiar conditions. Web designers are incredibly much the architects with a creative perspective. Web developers will be the contractors that will transform the schematics and plans into a lovely house so that you can live in.

A web designer might be familiar with the simple coding languages but that doesn’t mean they will be able to implement the custom members area you need. Similarly, a web developer may not know the importance of using your brand colors or styling the text to make it look better.

If you’re a larger and well-established business, consider hiring both a designer and a developer. It might cost more, but not doing so could prove to be more costly in the long run.

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